Our founder - Lynne Grimbly, has been studying meditation practices and yoga since 2006. He has many years of experience wearing chakra jewelry. Lynne Grimbly believes that chakras energize the body and are associated with interactions of physical, emotional and mental nature.


After living and working in India for several years, she was so focused on her work that her physical as well as mental state was in a dangerous state. As a result, she had to stop working and start healing. During this time, she read a lot of Hindu literature and studied yoga. She gradually developed a strong interest in the chakra crystals.

From her own personal experience, she learned that chakra help us to keep our body in balance with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. In order to design chakra jewelry to fit her own needs, she decided to quit her job, started designing, and gradually brought her best work to market and shared it with more chakra lovers.